Since 2008 “The best 99 champagne houses” has been the first Italian guide for champagne, winner of numerous international awards.
Today your sparkling guide becomes
new and versatile.

Today is also
99champagne App!



How to get started

Is my phone/tablet compatible?

99CampagneApp is available for Android (from 4.0) and iOS (from 6.0) for both smartphones and tablets.

Can I access my account on more than one device?

Yes! You can use your account on two different devices. Simply install 99ChampagneAppon any compatible device you’d like to use and access your registered account.


What will you do with my contact details once I subscribe to 99ChampagneApp?

Your info will be used to make sure you make the best of your experience using 99ChampagneApp and will be never shown to anybody.

What’s your policy for privacy?

We are very careful with our clients’ privacy. Click on this link to read in detail our privacy policies.

The app

What’s the 99ChampagneApp?

99ChampagneApp is the official app for “The best 99 champagne houses”, the first Italian guide dedicated to champagne, published by Edizioni Estemporanee since 2008. Now in its sixth edition (which will be published in October 2017), the guide is considered an international reference point as shown by the numerous awards won.

Is the app free?

No, it is not. To view the contents, after downloading and installing the app, you need to subscribe following the instructions which may vary depending on your operating system.

How long does the subscription last?

It lasts for 12 months starting from the moment you subscribe and it is automatically renewable.

Are there any additional costs?

No, there no other costs involved to benefit from all the contents on 99ChampagneAppfor 12 months.

Which contact details do you need for the subscription?

To subscribe, we will ask for:

  • Your first name
  • Your last name
  • Your country
  • Your email address

The details you’ll use to subscribe on Apple and Android stores are directly managed by Apple and Google and will never be sent to us.

Contents & functions

Who’s the author of all information and tasting contents?

The information you will find on 99ChampagneApp is the result of more than 15.000 tastings and all the trips made by our tasting team led by Luca Burei and Alfonso Isinelli, and currently formed by Alessandro Bulzoni, Monica Coluccia, Fabrizio Pagliardi, Daniela Paris, Giulio Perugini, Alessio Pietrobattista, Chiara Pugina, Francesco Romanazzi and a few sommelier, chefs, and champagne lovers that join us from time to time. There are also a few experts and champagne enthusiastic around the world.

Are the contents in 99ChampagneApp the same of the 2016/2017 edition of “The best 99 champagne houses”?

The Maison and the cuvée profiles are the same of the 2016/2017 edition of “The best 99 champagne houses”. The latest news of the champagne’s world and new tastings will be added weekly on the app.

If I download 99ChampagneApp will I have access to the tastings of the 2018/2019 edition of “The best 99 champagne houses”?

Yes. The tastings that will be in the next edition of the guide will be available on the app from November 2017 little-by-little.

How many Maison and cuvée are described in the app?

Currently there are 99 Maison and 354 wines, but there will be more soon. 99ChampagneApp will always be updated with the latest news on the Champagne’s world.

Which contents and functions are there in 99ChampagneApp?

99ChampagneApp is divided into 7 main sections. The first 4 are content-related:

  • Maison
  • News
  • Champagne Region
  • Places

The other 3 are function-related:

  • My Cellar
  • Advanced Research
  • Settings

How can I access contents and functions?

Once you sign up you’ll see the latest news, Maison and sampled cuvée on the homepage. To access the other contents, you need to click on the Menu symbol in the top left hand corner. The new page on the screen will allow you to navigate across all sections.


How do you search for a Maison in the 99ChampagneApp?

The best way to search for a Maison is to access the Menu in the top left hand corner of the homepage. The Maison are listed in alphabetical order based on the company name or the vigneron’s surname, following parameters of popularity. To find Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, for example, you will need to look under letter V, while it will be letter B for Jacques Beaufort.

What kind of information will I find for the Maison?

For each Maison there’s a sheet with:

  • Name of the Maison
  • Address and phone number
  • Website
  • Grade
  • Hectares of the vineyards (owned, rented or provision)
  • Vineyard
  • Main area where the vineyards are located (when it can be determined)
  • Main villages where the vineyards are located (when it can be determined)
  • Organic certification (if obtained)
  • Style and history profile of the Maison
  • Sampled cuvée

How are the grades assigned?

The system of evaluation for the Maison consists of 0 to 3 exclamation points and these are assigned based on the tastings reviewed in 99ChampagneApp as well as the ones made in the past and the overall history of the Maison. If the exclamation point is flashing, it means that we believe the Maison is in a particularly good shape and should be followed.


What information will I find about the cuvées?

In each cuvée sheet, which you’ll find in the Maison’s profile or through manual research, we have indicated:

  • Name of the cuvée
  • Assemblage
  • Shelf prices
  • Tasting evaluation
  • Tasting sheet
  • Disgorgement considered
  • Food pairing (when available)

How are the grades assigned to the cuvée?

Grades are expressed in twentieths: from 12,5 to 19 the scale is made of half-point gaps; from 19 to 20 there is a 0.1 point gaps. We don’t assign grades below 12,5 to the cuvée and these ones will not have tasting sheets, you’ll only find the basic information.

What do the symbols on the sheet mean?

The symbols you’ll find on the sheets of each cuvée are here explained:

  • Quality/Price. This symbol indicates a cuvée that has an excellent quality/price ratio, based on the price range found in the winehouse.
  • Coupe de cœur. Assigned to the champagnes that have excited our team the most, regardless of their price and their quality. It is an element of essentially emotional evaluation.
  • Cork. Assigned to the highest-quality cuvée. It is the element of rational valuation of excellence.
  • Hardness index. It indicates how much balance there is between the soft and hard components of the champagne, with special focus on freshness, minerality, sourness and potential tannins.

Champagne region

What information will I find in the Champagne Region section of the 99ChampagneApp?

In the Champagne Region section, you’ll find a map where you can see the exact location of the Maison. This will help you get there sooner when you’ll visit the region.

My cellar

What is the function My cellar for?

On this section, which you can access through the Menu, you can create your own virtual cellar adding 99ChampagneApp s cuvées on three different “virtual shelves”:

  • drinked cuvées
  • favourite cuvées
  • desired cuvées


What information will I find in the Places section of the 99ChampagneApp?

In the Places section, you’ll find a map you can use to pinpoint all the places we suggest for the Champagne list. This will help you find the best places that serve your favourite cuvées and maybe try some new ones

How did you choose the Places in the 99ChampagneApp?

All the places were selected by us after a direct experience or were recommended by our partners. The selection is not intended to be complete and it is only based on the information we gathered and the recommendation we received. We suggest you make sure these places are still open, that they haven’t changed management nor their philosophy.

Advanced research

How can I use the advanced research’s function?

In the Maison and News section you can access the advanced research tool by clicking on the magnifying glass on the top right hand corner of the screen. Now you’ll be able to search for all the contents in the different sections by using the many filters divided for sections.


What do I need to do if I’m experiencing technical issues with the 99ChampagneApp?

We put all our care and attention to make sure you have the best and most sparkling experience using 99ChampagneApp. Therefore, we really hope you won’t have any problem. However, if this should happen, you can get in touch with us through the contact form you’ll find on the Help section of the 99champagne website.